I was fortunate enough to be invited by Google to install a canvas in their chelsea office here in NYC. It was an honor to be able to install art in such a prestigious office.

The inspiration to this canvas was the Google Image search window. I wanted to recreate the exact window that you would see on your computer screen if you would to Google “Fridge” and click the images tab.

The Canvas is a hand painted 4 x 6ft canvas with (6) 16 x 20in attached on top. The smaller canvases had some hand painted work as well as mixed media pieces, incorporating my style of 3D woodowork.

Here is the description of each canvas starting from the first row

  1. “FRIDGE EXPLODING WOODCUT”  hand cut 3D woodwork
  2. “FRIDGE LOGO” acrylic / spraypaint on canvas
  3. “STOP DOING NOTHING” woodcut ontop of a collage of old Fridge drawings

Second Row

  1. “FRIDGE WILDSTYLE” acrylic and paint markers on canvas
  2. “Federation Of Light” hand cut 3D woodwork mounted on canvas
  3. “Blowing Up” acrylic and paint markers on canvas

We are currently in the process of planning out future projects and doing a huge install in the upcoming months, stay tuned….

Shout out to Mike @chatsmike  ! He is the reason for this collaboration and He is also the artist who painted the two canvases next to me !



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