South Street Seaport,  The Howard Hughes Corporation and IPIC theaters hosted a 60 second Film contest about Discovery. The guide lines was that you had to depict the theme Discovery and showcase South Street Seaport. Here is my submission that won the contest out of 200+ submissions.

When I seen this contest flyer on bus stop ad, I was very intrigued and wanted to find out more. So i did my research and found out the rules and guide lines of the contest and I instantly came up with what I wanted to film. I was very confident about my idea and I knew I was going to win.

The idea that I had was to use my baby brother as the main character of the film. What is a better way to depict the theme discovery other than using a baby. Babies love to explore so i knew this would be a perfect match. The main idea was to capture him escaping his stroller and running around South Street Seaport and exploring all its major landmarks. I wanted to give it a fun and urban vibe so i decided to dress him up in a Adidas track suit.

I am a firm believer about the quote ” you can do anything as long as you put your mind too it” and getting that phone call saying that I won first place justified that! and made me really realize that anything is possible..


@southstreetseaport @ipictheaters #seaportsocialcinema

Here are behind the scene shots by my boy Tommy @tnappy as well as the winning video below:


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