I am lucky enough and very honored to have collaborated with such a prestigious brand like GSHOCK. I was asked to create 3 pieces of work for content for their instagram. (@gshock_us). These are the pieces I came up with. They are multi layered wood cut outs of 3 select Gshock watch styles attached on canvases unique to each watch.  This social media campaign grossed over 11.5k likes on instagram.

     For this watch, I wanted to represent my graffiti background and growing up in NYC. I wanted to create a grimey feel and something that felt very New York. The background says  ” DW5600HR – 1, GSHOCK , NEW YORK . I used a red krink marker to represent the red of the watch and then i used a dark gray paint for the splatters for contrast. I then used an airbrush to create a drop shadow to make the drips look 3D.


     For this watch, I wanted to represent my mural painting background and the use of different vibrant colors I use when I paint murals. I painted sheets of paper then ripped each one and glued them together to create a 3D layered collage. I wanted to showcase the watch’s black body and I felt like putting it in front of a bright colored background would really give it good contrast.


     For this watch, I wanted to really showcase the name “MUDMASTER” and highlight my use of 3D elements. I first painted the canvas with acrylic paint to make it look like the watch fell from the sky and crash landed onto the earth creating a crater. I then went and grabbed some grass to add some 3D elements to make the canvas pop more and feel more realistic.





After this campaign, I was invited for another project. They wanted me to create a video of the process of how I made these wood pieces. Here is the video below that I directed and edited. Shout out to my friend Ben @dchefotos who help shoot this video.
This video got over 29k views on social media.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.23.19 PM



  1. As a massive G-SHOCK fiend and street art fan, I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I love your work on this project above. It’s amazing!

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