On October 4th 2018, during the premiere day of the movie Venom I created a piece of art inspired by the movie that went viral around the world. I had a cool idea in my mind and decided to execute it. I was fascinated about Venom’s symbiote from watching the movie trailer and wanted to recreate that texture and 3D form into a piece of art. I always wanted to make a custom a shoe and decided that I would use an Nike Air force 1 as my canvas. I am no way a sneaker customizer nor do I ever want to be one but I wanted to create some art on the shoe. I also thought that if I did this idea on a shoe people would relate to it and gravitate to it more. Holy shit was I right! I posted the sneaker the night of the 4th on my instagram and when I woke up the next day I couldn’t believe on how much engagement I got from it, I gained about four thousand followers that morning, hundreds of likes and comments. I give credit to @highsnobiety and @liljupiter for reposting my art and really propelling this art piece into internet stardom. Thats when it spread like wild fire, by the hour I was getting hundreds and hundreds more likes, comments and followers then I started to get reposted by sneaker pages and fashion pages from all over the world.  I was so hype that my art went viral and was being seen by thousands of people . I got a lot of mix reviews a lot of people loving the shoe and giving me credit for my creativity and a lot of haters talking shit about it. But at the end of the day I was so happy because thats what art is for! Art is suppose to evoke emotion and get people to feel some type of way.



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