FRIDGE ONE : C63 is the title of my first art car. Hand painted using spray paint, house paint and airbrush on a 2014 Mercedes Benz C63 sedan. This piece of art was inspired by Jackson Pollocks paintings. The concept behind this design was that I wanted to create a  graffiti camo that complimented the body lines of this beautiful machine and to paint the car to make it look like its fast while its standing still and look like a moving piece of art while its speeding down the streets. I decided to only paint one side of the car because of two reasons, First the car is already perfect and I wanted to showcase the beauty of the car, I thought that if i painted the whole car it would look way too busy and ruin the look. Secondly this car is daily driven and I wanted the car to still blend in on the street and avoid too much attention but then when you look at it from the drivers side you get that element surprise when you see the painting.








photos shot by @zuumy






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